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Finding roofing contractors in Toronto has become something of a complication. With no regulations keeping anyone with a pair of boots and a hammer from calling themselves roofers, there’s certainly no shortage of "professionals” in the industry. Many homeowners aren’t aware of the dangers associated with hiring uncertified roofers, and even less aware of the potential for financial loss associated with a simple misstep. By doing a little research, you can rest assured that the highest quality job will be done by a certified and insured roofer with the experience to ensure the highest quality job.

Certified and Insured

Roofing is a dangerous profession. Even a single wrong step could result in serious injury or worse. Not too many homeowners give a second thought to the safety of the roofing contractors hired, but they should. Homeowners can be held financially responsible for the health and safety of anyone doing work on their house. Before hiring anyone, be sure to ask for a copy of their Workplace Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) certification. It also doesn’t hurt to ask for copies of a roofing contractor’s third-party insurance. This one step alone can be enough to protect homeowners from litigation and potentially save tens of thousands in legal fees.


Certified and insured roofing contractors in Toronto provide a range of services that help to protect your home, your belongings, and, most importantly, your family. New roofs, roof repair, and roof replacements made from asphalt, cedar, and slate are among the most requested services requested from roofing contractors in Toronto, but just as important is a service that is sometimes overlooked by many homeowners. A maintenance program implemented to keep your roof looking and performing as expected is a valuable asset. Of course your roof comes with a warranty for a specified period of time. What you might not realize is that the fine print in the warranty states that without regular maintenance, warranty claims can be flat out denied. A poorly maintained roof can last as little as half of its life expectancy, which makes a maintenance program allowing for warranty claims indispensable.


Selecting the right roofing contractors in Toronto often comes down to the range of products they carry. Simple asphalt shingles are an ideal solution for a home with an average but reliable roof. For those seeking more luxurious options, the finest roofers Toronto has to offer have exactly what you’ve got in mind. Cedar shingles and slate roofing materials are as durable as they are beautiful. Only the best are able to install these two options with any kind of precision, which is exactly why only the best roofing contractors in Toronto should be contacted.
When it comes to the roof over your head, certain attributes are vital while selecting roofing contractors in Toronto. For the sake of your own financial well-being, be sure to check the credentials and insurance papers of any company you may be exploring. Consider the services that are most important to you, taking care to include a proper maintenance program. Examine the different products and mediums out there designed to protect and beautify your home. Any questions that may arise through your own research can best be answered by contacting the finest roofing contractors Toronto has to offer.


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